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Publications and Documents

A full list of all academic publications by T. Nathan Mundhenk.

Contour Integration Results Image   Local Interaction Results Picture

Publicly Available Web Only Documents

A full list of web only documents and informal group research documents.

  Feature Clustering Concept Image  

Publicly Available Videos from Relevant Research

A full list of videos and media clips from research activities

Loads of Nerd-cams picture   nerd-cam schematic diagram

CINNIC Contour Integration Home Page

Everything you always wanted to know about contour integration and CINNIC.

  CINNIC pretty picture and diagram  

Beobot project home page

Build your own autonomous unmanned ground robot.

The Beobot is really cool   Beobot overview schematic etc

Digital Artwork

If you want, check out my digital artwork web page.

  Some digital artwork thumbnail  

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