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Click on the thumbnails to see the full sized very large panorama image. I have also provided pictures of information signs posted at the sites for the curious.

Arches National Park, Utah - Right after I took this I tripped and broke my camera. Fortunately it was under warrantee, so I got a new shiny camera afterwards.

The illustration on the right shows how this arch was formed.

Rocky Mountains, Colorado - These are some of the highest peaks in the continental united states. It doesn't look so high because it was taken a few kilometers (2.7) up.

Details can be seen in the map provided on the right. 

This is a VERY wide panorama of Centerville Ohio after a good snow
This is a slightly less wide panorama of the same area
And yet a slightly even lesser wide panorama of snow in Centerville
This is Erie Pennsylvania taken from Presque "Island" which is actually more of a peninsula.   
Joshua Tree National Park is loaded with all these interesting small peaks which one can hike to the top of and get some nifty photos.
See... Kansas is flat. The funny thing is it's not totally flat, but there aren't really any trees so you can just see for miles and miles. 
Taken from below the American Falls, one can see the Royaled (roiled) Canadian Side. Nothing like the splendor of nature with Casinos in the back drop.
Getting near Horseshoe falls. The best way to describe it is, its very big and quite impressive. Lots and lots of water pours over that thing, honest.
You can see both the falls from the American side. I didn't see it from the Canadian side. Really I love Canadians, but my girl friend didn't have a Canadian Visa.  
This is the East Niagara River showing the outskirts of Buffalo taken from Grand Island. Its a very nice place to stay. 
The Solid Rock Church off of I-75 north of Cincinnati has made this sort of giant fiberglass statue of Jesus in this Willam Defoe Platoon Pose.   
My sister and mother think that the Jesus looks like he's sinking in quick sand. Quick! someone throw him a fiberglass vine!
The Pacific Coast Highway is really quick splendid. The nice thing about California is that it's totally loaded with scenic drives.
two panoramic pictures over looking the Big Basin Redwood forest just outside of San Jose taken at two different times. 
The giant redwoods are quite impressive if you've never seen them before. 
San Francisco is one of the most scenic cities I can think of. This is a shot overlooking much of the city from Twin Peaks. 
The Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco is pretty nifty. It's very pleasant for a nice stroll around.
Just north of Los Angeles you can drive up into the mountains. The views are really spiffy. It makes it hard to your eyes on the road. 
This is Tubingen Germany taken from the castle overlooking the city. I don't feel like looking for my esset character, so lets just call it a Castle. 
Another cool picture of Tubingen. It's a nice place to visit. Good food, picturesque, etc.
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