Digital Art in Small (50% Normal) Format

These are the same digital images as in the main digital art page but have been reduced by 50% to make them easier to link online web pages to such as myspace profiles.

Click on a thumbnail to load the full image. (71K) (76K) (82K) (394K) (95K) (142K) (150K) (78K) (152K) (388K) (285K) (172K) (102K) (286K) (271K) (37K) (287K) (318K) (434K) (256K) (229K) (283K) (492K) (255K) (32K) (325K) (456K) (417K) (109K) (485K) (526K) (61K) (228K) (262K) (354K) (594K) (270K) (238K) (403K) (419K) (321K) (238K) (140K) (550K) (448K) (134K) (373K) (328K) (578K) (1178K) (270K) (252K) (246K) (334K) (350K) (41K) (352K) (22K) (157K) (263K) (50K) (135K) (73K) (52K) (428K) (280K) (705K) (551K) (178K) (160K) (345K) (303K) (110K) (151K) (504K) (289K) (250K) (290K) (210K) (473K) (224K) (324K) (926K) (226K) (438K) (487K) (331K) (206K) (304K) (182K) (254K) (88K) (181K) (562K) (200K) (343K) (215K) (203K) (82K) (95K) (364K) (252K) (86K) (237K) (151K) (202K) (658K) (433K) (110K) (209K) (240K) (74K) (254K) (424K) (297K) (47K) (590K) (103K) (184K) (93K) (91K) (92K) (63K) (303K) (215K) (323K) (125K) (124K) (675K) (373K) (211K) (443K) (306K) (228K) (300K) (171K) (227K) (146K) (364K) (371K) (235K) (168K) (66K) (449K) (256K) (224K) (297K) (327K) (477K) (250K)

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